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Friday, November 20, 2009
i had jus revived my blog!!hahahahaaaaa anyway no one come to see my blog marhs so dun wanna post liaos...and tis few day busy abt cosplay..for anime festivl guess who am i cosplaying?hahas later tell lorhs...and saturday is cosplay regional competition...ahhahahas weijie going sia!jyjy my darlinq!!and me opening booth there to sell my cosplay and anime figurines and toys..hahas look forward to going to afa09!and teoting going first time!first timer wor can bully her!mwahahaha but she do alot research so cant trick her into buying the moe moe maid cafe drinks!and make her broke!hahas..she cosplaying as kagamine len..the wig the fringe damn long larhs!until her chin leh..then both of us spend 2hrs trimming it...now like barbie doll hair...no larh like misa from death note de but short hair larhs is blonde de!damn nice!okok time to review the top secret in the world!who am i cosplaying as?hahas ringo from air gear!hahas so lame rite me?okays shall end here byes!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009
finally can use com lorh.On monday tuition was super funny larh.teacher call us to write compo then call us to say about our ps2 games diao!bcuz dunno wat advertisement lolz.omg daniel go write hamtaro:rainbow rescue lorh!I write higurashi ray write DNangel jolyn write naruto and teoting write crosshermit weijie write dynasty warrior.then daniel keep saying he want to go heartland mall to play football we all was like heartland mall?wth how to play?diaoz so lame then ray and teoting both fight for the sweets in the bowl lorh then all the sweets scatter around bcuz we do finish teacher haven cme back then they fight super funny lorh then quite long teacher nvr come so we talk and tell jokes then suddenly teoting tell ghost stories and then ray say he go toilet then he go scare me and jolyn lorh dunno why teoting sit beside me nvr scared mayb she busy eating sweetXD hahaz teacher come le we do hw lorhz then after tuition we wait for our parents in the dark dark road leh then talk abt ghost stories then teoting suddenly put her hand on me lorh i scream then she scream then everyone scream diaoz then she say ahxian why u scream scare me leh my mum come le bye!then we say bye bye to her then everyone go except for me and weijie omg!then jolyn sms me say we two must xiang shou er ren shi jie.Weijie jus quiet quiet i also lorh then i go liaoz he still waiting diaoz

Sunday, February 8, 2009
Haiz sec very boring leh dun hav sheryl aiya no one wana be my fren bcuz I alittle crazy de.And I tink I quite boyboy leh then girls dun wan go with me ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i going crazy lorh hehe I very happy today got tuition can meet jolyn and teoting yay sian

Saturday, December 13, 2008

This is Yoshimori,Tokine and Shishio when they are small

First appears in volume 6 of the manga. Shishio aids Tokine and Yoshimori in hunting ayakashi and protecting Karasumori. He is an "integrated half ayakashi" (ayakashi majiri), meaning he can transform part or all of his body into that of an Ayakashi. He was frequently bullied by other children and even his older brothers when he was young. When his power first fully awakened when he was ten, he almost killed his older sister and severely injured his older brothers. Afterwards he was taken in by Masamori and the Yagyou, where he was taught by Atora. Gen learned how to control his full ayakashi mode during a fight with a high level ayakashi from Kokubourou. But tragically before he could finish his opponent, Kaguro—another high level ayakashi from Kokubourou—killed Gen.

Yoshimori's friend and "partner". Tokine is 16 years old and the 22nd Kekkaishi of the Yukimura family. She bears a scar on her right hand, which she received while protecting Yoshimori in their childhood. Tokine is gifted with great accuracy and precision, however, her kekkai are very weak and can only be maintained for short periods of time; her kekkai lack the "brute power" of Yoshimori's kekkai.In the series, it is stated that whilst she may be the weakest Kekkaishi, she is clearly the most "ruthless".

About yoshimori

The main character. Yoshimori is a 14-year old middle school boy who is the 22nd kekkaishi of the Sumimura family. In the series, Yoshimori is portrayed as a lazy, stubborn headstrong creature who strives his best to protect his friends and his family. The younger Yoshimori was different from the current Yoshimori, in the fact that he likes to cry a lot more and who heavily dislikes executing his duties as a Kekkaishi. The situation that had brought about the change in Yoshimori was when Tokine was injured by an ayakashi which he could have dispatched, but did not due to his kindness, allowing the ayakashi to become more powerful and escape his barrier. Tokine had moved to protect him, destroying the creature but getting mauled in progress. After the incident, Yoshimori had changed drastically towards his attitude towards being a Kekkaishi. At the beginning of the series, he is often baking cakes and/or other sweets, and seems to be more important to him than his duty as a Kekkaishi. He has dreams to become an expert patissier where he can enjoy making pastry castles. He is often chastised by his grand-father for this hobby.

Friday, December 12, 2008

This is Tokine.I like her personality alot.She is a not so strong kekkaishi but she is more merciless then yoshimori.She very boyboy that's what I think.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008
My fav char

This is Yoshimori Sumimura my fav char!OMG OMG OMG!

Picture ^_^

That is Shishio Gen not my favourite char but my fren's so I post to make her happy.

About me
Hi this is my first time blogging and im excited!Not really excited la okok only.....I am an super anime fan.I like eating sleeping playing computer and walk around.More specific I am a super lazy girl.I hate people act cute act big and I really really hate people nagging at me of course.I have just finish my exams and I heard my frens saying that blogging is fun so I try lo.I play maplestory pangya and audition.And anime that I watch is naruto bleach kekkaishi D.Gray Man and .Hack//Roots.My favourite is kekkaishi.Kekkaishi rock!But is not so famous as naruto.

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